Bipolar Picasso is a series of immersive art installations, featuring intimate paintings and audio recordings of people who have experience with mental health issues. This body of work is fuelled by personal experience; in addition to working with adults in crisis, the artist has several people close to her with mental health issues, who feel they are unable to be open for fear of being judged by society.

She pushes the boundaries of portraiture, uniquely combining both visual and audio elements, in an attempt to give this invisible illness not only visibility, but also presence. The visitor is confronted with intimate, illuminated oil paintings of both celebrities and members of the public. Alongside each portrait sits an accompanying audio piece, revealing the spoken words and innermost thoughts of the sitter. The visitor became fully immersed in a sensory exploration of the mind.

The show received critical acclaim, resulting in the artist being featured in publications such as The Guardian and Ability Magazine. She was also interviewed live on BBC World News, alongside her installations.

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